How Far are you Willing to Go in The Pursuit of Happiness

How Far are you Willing to Go in The Pursuit of Happiness

What are the things you can do to achieve some measure of happiness?

We are not even going deep, but how far can you go to ensure you go to bed at peace and wake up with a glow.

I’m on a journey to find true happiness and joy and at 23, I know I’m not even close to finding it yet.

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I Learnt a New Word Today… SHAPE

I Learnt a New Word Today… SHAPE


I learnt a new word today.


You read that right the first time, don’t second guess yourself. I do it so I know that’s what you just did. ☺


I’ll tell you what it means in a bit.

Have you ever been at some sort of crossroad and everyone around you is telling you the “right” direction to turn. Some well-meaning people even do it a very unobtrusive way, they prod you along but you just don’t know they’re doing it.

Oh well, I’ve been there. Didn’t bite any heads off but now I know those to take advice from and those to just ignore.

Before I veer off the topic (Done that already), here’s what I found S. H. A. P. E. to mean. If you don’t agree, there’s nothing I can do. It’s my truth. Find yours.

S – Spiritual Gifts, Do you know yours?
H – Heart, what drives you, what’s your passion?
A- Abilities, leave paper, what can you really do?
P – Personality, what is my personality like? How do I relate with other types of personalities?
E – Experience, what are the things I’ve been through in life that makes my story unique

I’ll be explaining this in depth in a different post but please let this breathe in your mind.

Before you wonder what brought this on,  I’m just being my melancholic self. One thing that will help me get through this is knowing that I have Jesus Christ and therefore I have Joy!

I hope this helps you in some type of way.

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Thoughts are mine… Except if I say otherwise…

Been Long you Saw me… Did you Miss me?

Been Long you Saw me… Did you Miss me?

Hello you!

Yeah this is another “I’m sorry for not writing in a while” post but guess what this is me conquering my fears and getting my feet wet again.

I missed you reading and commenting on my posts and sharing too. I guess I’ve just been scared to come and tell you in sorry then run back into hiding but no more!

I’m going to blog in the bus, in the office, anywhere the inspiration hits me. I mean what’s the point of creating content for others and leaving my own business bereft like a blank canvas.

So this one is for you. For bothering to read this to the end. I promise to keep up the pace just for you.

I love you.

The spineless Blogger,

Thoughts are mine… Except if I say otherwise…

Why I Love Niniola’s Concept in “Soke” Video

Why I Love Niniola’s Concept in “Soke” Video

So I was pretty stumped on what to title this post but just know that “I am sorry for not posting was top of the list”.

For those who know me personally, you would understand there has been a LOT of changes in my life in the past few weeks – my new job, my recent waka (wait till you see my #JadedGirlsViewonLuton, I haven’t quite decided on the hash tag yet) – but here I am.

On this welcome back post, I decided to speak on my views on a video for a song that I wasn’t so keen on till I saw the video, scratch that. I loved the song from the first beat! It’s Niniola’s Soke, you can check out my first review here.

Why do I like the video?

You know how music videos always show them spending money after hitting one jackpot, or growing up poor and having no money, Niniola left all that behind and went straight up realistic.

The video has a young girl -Niniola and her man almost spending all their money after winning the lottery. If it were not for her foresight and plan, they would have spent all their money keeping up with the Joneses which is one thing I try not to do.

Niniola started out as a project fame contestant and although she didn’t win, I can say she is doing pretty well for herself.

Let me know what you think… Feminist or not, I think it’s a great lesson for all!