Rain Drops, Pop Tarts… What are you Grateful for? 

Rain Drops, Pop Tarts… What are you Grateful for? 

I promised my friend, Cynthia that I was going to write something about Gratitude, I just didn’t know it would take this long. Blame that on too many activities.

This post right here was born out of the things that have happened to me over the past months. Ranging from health, family to gadgets, I know I have a lot of things to thank my Lord Jesus Christ for.  Continue reading “Rain Drops, Pop Tarts… What are you Grateful for? “


My Love for the Rainy Season in Nigeria

My Love for the Rainy Season in Nigeria

The rains are here!

Yes I know some might not be so happy with that news but we’re here to look on the bright side. Okay let’s start with the not so bright side.

You have to have an umbrella/shower cap/raincoat handy as it can start pouring anytime. This is where I advise you as a woman, to make sure you have some form of protection against the weather conditions. At least have a portable umbrella in your bag.

If you live in an area like mine, you have to be ready to wear rubber slippers/sandals on your way out. Else, you will not easily rinse off the mud that would have accumulated your legs/slippers or even your clothes.

Staying out late when you don’t have a car + rainy season will frustrate you. When I talk about staying out late, I do not necessarily mean staying out till 10,11,12,1. Where I live, sometimes 8 o’clock is considered late and for someone like me that gets home around 11, getting home is a job in itself. It’s typical to see that once it rains in  most places, there won’t be buses or bikes to take you home. 

I could go on and on listing the things I do not like about the rainy season but one thing that trumps it all is the fact that *inserts elongated, dramatic drumroll*


As much as I love roasted plantain aka Boli (my classmates know me for this), roasted corn and pear or boiled corn and coconut will forever have my heart! My one year sojourn in Cross River State made sure of that.

chop streets

Coming back home last night, I was drenched to my teeth and I was really, really sad. I forgot my umbrella at home and so during the time I was hustling to get on a bus home, I got soaking wet. I was sad until I remembered that my power combinations were coming back. I just smiled and bore the darkness seemed to clear up a bit.

Now, do I wish we could have corn all year round? Definitely! Here’s where my Non-Nigerian readers would be wondering why that is not possible. It’s simply because we have inadequate preservation methods available so fruits like African Star Apple (Agbalumo, Udara) Mango, Avocado and Vegetables like Corn and Pear are only available for a limited period of time during the year.

Here’s to plundering the markets and finding our own #CornBae!


Please drop a comment on what you like or do not like about the rainy season in the comment section below. 

Till next time! 

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​It’s my Bestie’s Birthday today, Yaaaaay! Happy Birthday Mama! 

​It’s my Bestie’s Birthday today, Yaaaaay! Happy Birthday Mama! 

Go best friend, that’s my best friend!
It’s my mummy aka my bestie’s birthday today and I’m so, so happy! Who would have thought I would get this close to her after all the fights and arguments that we managed to have at every turn. I’ll admit that I am very stubborn.

My mother, Bolanle Odujole  is my best friend as she is one person that knows me like the back of my hand. For example, she always knew that being in the sciences was not for me. Thank God I’m retracing my steps gradually.

I love you mummy, you know I do and I’ll give anything not to make you sad or angry with me.

As I write this, I’m not sure what direction this article will take but all I want to do is pour out my heart. I don’t have plenty money yet so I can’t buy car so I’ll use what I have (my words).

I think I’ll make this a “Things I’ll like the world to know about my Mummy”  post. From her habits to the reasons I love her.

Here we go:

I can finish her thoughts: I started this thing with her recently, completing the words still forming in her mind. I can totally carry out conversations the exact way she would, word-for-word! It takes years of practice to grow into the type of clown I’ve become.

She loves taking pictures. O de wa ya mi now meaning “Come and take my picture now”. During our trip last year, I got the full taste of her love for photos. I don’t blame her though, there are not so many 50 something year olds that look as hot as she does.

She loves, loves sweet things. I know most people believe that as you get older, your sugar intake should drop but my mummy has managed to circumvent that rule. You see, when it comes to pouring sugar inside tea, cereal and the likes, she is very moderate. All of that flies out of the window when cake, chocolate and sweets are involved. Slow and steady, she would satisfy her sweet tooth.

Her strength amazes me: If I end up being half the woman she is, my home will indeed be very, very blessed. Many things have happened, are happening but she draws strength from God and that helps her to keep being the best anchor for her family.

Her resourcefulness is out of this world: Those that are very close to me know some of the things I am up to and the most important one right now ehn, I won’t have achieved anything if my bestie didn’t push and prod. Doors that would have remained closed to us were kicked open by this woman who always found a way to say there must be a way.

Her love is very patient and long suffering: If I start to elaborate on this point, WordPress might send me an error message that I have passed my boundary. So many I’ve found ways to hurt her in the past knowing or knowingly (her words) but she just finds a way to release them and their offences. In my growing years, I was very rebellious and stubborn but my bestie does not hold any of it against me. Even her siblings can testify to this. Her mantra, Family is all we’ve got 

There are still so many reasons ehn but I’ll stop there and save some for Mothers day (the both of them).

Take a look at some of our fun moments and say a prayer or two for my mother.

2017 is Your Year of …..?


I can almost swear that I get some of my best ideas while riding in buses. I know it is weird but over time, it is what I have noticed (although The Bourgie Life was not born in a bus). This can definitely qualify as one of them.

Since this is my first post of the year, I say welcome to 2017. I have just one prayer for you – that you achieve everything you set out to achieve last year but could not, due to some reason or the other.

From the title of the post you can guess where I am headed – What exactly is your personal theme for 2017. Not the one they said at your watch night service or that your pastor declared but what are YOU saying (based on what you have heard from God) about your year.

Let me simplify this, for me apart from the fact that the churches (you read that right) I attend declared 2017 as the year of Undeniable Exploits, Manifesting God’s glory, pleasant surprises and Light & shining, I took out time to do a reset and ask God what he was saying to me about the year.


That is what 2017 is about for me. Simply put.

2017 is my year of Doing. No more sitting on my hands and going to conferences and coming back the same waiting for something, anything to happen to me. It is quite clear that if anything is to happen in/to my life, it is up to me by the power of the Holy Spirit.

That’s why I do not talk about how emotionally drained I “think” I am, I just do what I am led to do. That is why I started TheBourgieLife and by God’s grace, the end of the year will be better than the beginning for us. That is why I partnered with Tolulope Balogun of Travelotus to bring Lotus Tours, trust me guys, the next trip will blow your mind. That is why Kamari Luxe, our organic skincare company will not just grow, it will thrive.

I still have a number of things that he revealed to me that I will be doing and I know it will end in praise. Osheyyyy!

I implore you to find out what God wants you to do in the year 2017. Your personal word. That is all you need as an anchor for the times ahead because as they say, it will get worse before it gets better but then, we that wait upon the Lord shall have our stength renewed.

Now that you have come to the end of the article, don’t you think your friends should read this too? Why not share it with them as well!

Till next time.

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Questions that Need to be Answered before We Exit 2016


What a Time to Be Alive!

The Year is ending and there is so much left undone. Your goals, your plans, your dreams, your aspirations, all that, just there. Where did the time go?

You watched everytime as each person started out on their dream or goal. Although, you were happy for them, you still asked yourself, When will it be my turn?

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How Far are you Willing to Go in The Pursuit of Happiness

How Far are you Willing to Go in The Pursuit of Happiness

What are the things you can do to achieve some measure of happiness?

We are not even going deep, but how far can you go to ensure you go to bed at peace and wake up with a glow.

I’m on a journey to find true happiness and joy and at 23, I know I’m not even close to finding it yet.

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