Interactive post: How do you handle sexual desire as a single person?

Interactive post: How do you handle sexual desire as a single person?

The dreaded Sex Talk. The way people tiptoe around sex and anything sexual/sensual, you’d think it’s a landmine. Can we just stop already? Continue reading “Interactive post: How do you handle sexual desire as a single person?”


2017 is Your Year of …..?


I can almost swear that I get some of my best ideas while riding in buses. I know it is weird but over time, it is what I have noticed (although The Bourgie Life was not born in a bus). This can definitely qualify as one of them.

Since this is my first post of the year, I say welcome to 2017. I have just one prayer for you – that you achieve everything you set out to achieve last year but could not, due to some reason or the other.

From the title of the post you can guess where I am headed – What exactly is your personal theme for 2017. Not the one they said at your watch night service or that your pastor declared but what are YOU saying (based on what you have heard from God) about your year.

Let me simplify this, for me apart from the fact that the churches (you read that right) I attend declared 2017 as the year of Undeniable Exploits, Manifesting God’s glory, pleasant surprises and Light & shining, I took out time to do a reset and ask God what he was saying to me about the year.


That is what 2017 is about for me. Simply put.

2017 is my year of Doing. No more sitting on my hands and going to conferences and coming back the same waiting for something, anything to happen to me. It is quite clear that if anything is to happen in/to my life, it is up to me by the power of the Holy Spirit.

That’s why I do not talk about how emotionally drained I “think” I am, I just do what I am led to do. That is why I started TheBourgieLife and by God’s grace, the end of the year will be better than the beginning for us. That is why I partnered with Tolulope Balogun of Travelotus to bring Lotus Tours, trust me guys, the next trip will blow your mind. That is why Kamari Luxe, our organic skincare company will not just grow, it will thrive.

I still have a number of things that he revealed to me that I will be doing and I know it will end in praise. Osheyyyy!

I implore you to find out what God wants you to do in the year 2017. Your personal word. That is all you need as an anchor for the times ahead because as they say, it will get worse before it gets better but then, we that wait upon the Lord shall have our stength renewed.

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Till next time.

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Questions that Need to be Answered before We Exit 2016


What a Time to Be Alive!

The Year is ending and there is so much left undone. Your goals, your plans, your dreams, your aspirations, all that, just there. Where did the time go?

You watched everytime as each person started out on their dream or goal. Although, you were happy for them, you still asked yourself, When will it be my turn?

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I Learnt a New Word Today… SHAPE

I Learnt a New Word Today… SHAPE


I learnt a new word today.


You read that right the first time, don’t second guess yourself. I do it so I know that’s what you just did. ☺


I’ll tell you what it means in a bit.

Have you ever been at some sort of crossroad and everyone around you is telling you the “right” direction to turn. Some well-meaning people even do it a very unobtrusive way, they prod you along but you just don’t know they’re doing it.

Oh well, I’ve been there. Didn’t bite any heads off but now I know those to take advice from and those to just ignore.

Before I veer off the topic (Done that already), here’s what I found S. H. A. P. E. to mean. If you don’t agree, there’s nothing I can do. It’s my truth. Find yours.

S – Spiritual Gifts, Do you know yours?
H – Heart, what drives you, what’s your passion?
A- Abilities, leave paper, what can you really do?
P – Personality, what is my personality like? How do I relate with other types of personalities?
E – Experience, what are the things I’ve been through in life that makes my story unique

I’ll be explaining this in depth in a different post but please let this breathe in your mind.

Before you wonder what brought this on,  I’m just being my melancholic self. One thing that will help me get through this is knowing that I have Jesus Christ and therefore I have Joy!

I hope this helps you in some type of way.

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Thoughts are mine… Except if I say otherwise…

Harsh tags

Harsh tags

When it’s all been said and done
all been said and done
who says well done?
The lives you’ve hurt
that are finally free
to live and be
someone else
not left
shattered and broken
by the darts and stones
you’ve thrown
that have left bones
both seen and unseen

they say,
speak no ill about
the dead,
but, will you
be an exception,
Not one good word
can be said about you,
not one good deed,
you’re the Scrooge
that refused
to change
before the last strike
of the grandfather clock

you might not be
a service chief
caught in the spotlight
with a well-known
to rid the nation’s menace
but you’re a chief
who should be active
in service
not seeking the spotlight,
yet saving,
and changing lives.

None wants to die young
yet it does happen,
folks are left forlorn
of how they’ll cope
without you
Will it
be easy for them to believe
you’re floating with wings and grace
and watching over them
in heaven
because your earthly life
was Heaven on Earth?
Will it
make them ponder
and wish you had more time
to undo your wrongs
and live a better life
a God-filled life…

That’s something
we don’t ever get
More time…
live right
and don’t just be
one more…
This was inspired and written in memory of someone i never knew, but his eulogies ring so true in my heart. No bad words about him… Let’s us also take time out to remember the Ebola victims. This time last year we were going purchasing for Sanitizers and what-not. For some it was the Salt and Bitter Kola that got them…