Happy half year guys!

It’s been a long half year filled so many blessings and experiences and in light of that, I want to say a huge thank to everyone who keeps checking on me, wondering why I haven’t been writing here as much as I used to.

I’ll have to confess that finding that work-life balance has not been easy on me. You’ll also have to add the fact that I actually write for a living on my company’s blog. (Check out my post on Analysis Paralysis here).

The good news is everything is coming together now.

So, regarding the inspiration behind the title of this post, I realised that I never particularly introduced my travel gig and the direction I plan to take it to my blog readers. Before I started planning group tours, I used to ghostwrite on a travel website – I wish I could put down the name but we all know the saying “Dead men aka Ghosts tell no tales”.

Click Image for Photos from #BeWET

I am on the way to becoming an authority on things travel related and this is not because I have traveled to many places, far from it. One of the reasons that this is possible is because I know how to do my research and I rely on the experiences of those that have gone before. (I sound so wise :D)

So here is a list of my top Nigerian travel bloggers/enthusiasts and travel experts. Be sure to check out their blogs and leave a comment saying that I sent you over.

  1. Funmi Oyatogun: Funmi describes herself this way “an adventurer, I have climbed mountains, sailed seas and documented fascinating stories of people and places in Africa. In less than two years, I have built TVP Adventures – a company that operates some of the most adventurous travel packages across Nigeria and Africa.” She is all that and more! I have found her website to be a good travel resource.

    One of her most recent feats (that led to features on BBC and ARISE TV) was her creation of a map that shows the level of difficulty/ease that Nigerians experience when traveling to other African countries. 

    Source: Funmioyatogun.com
  2. Damola Apesin: Damola runs Irin-Ajo tours and in just a few years he has been able to build a name for himself. My mentor – Ogbeni Dipo – talks glowingly about him and I can see why. He is dedicated to everything travel and he does it well.
  3. Busayo Adebisi: Fun fact – I met Busayo on one of my tours and it has moved on from being just members of the same bloggers’ group (The Bloggers Advocate) and Travel group (Travelholics). Busayo of Explorewithbusayo runs a blog where she talks about her personal adventures to tourist attractions within Nigeria. Check out her Explore Lufasi Park post here.Busayo Adebisi
  4. Amarachi of Travel with a pen: Amarachi’s blog is refreshing and once I get my blog goals right, it looks like everything I’ll like my blog to be like. She is a systems engineer and has traveled to 26 states in Nigeria, 12 African countries and 10 other countries. Travel with a pen is #Goals!

    Amarachi of Travelwithapen.com
  5. Unravelling Nigeria: My first ever group tour experience was with Unravelling Nigeria and that was when we went on a fun fitness trip to Badagry in 2016. I lost a lot of calories (sic), made some new friends and I have enjoyed reading her blog since then.
  6. Nomadic Negro: Twitter led me to Tunde Phillips’ page and I am amazed at his approach to travel. While some others are focused on the “making money” side of things, he offers a refreshing outlook on tourist attractions within Nigeria and Africa. Nomadic Negro is all about budget travel and he does this by backpacking, hitchhiking etc… anything to make sure he gets the most out of the trip.
  7. Naija Nomads: As the name implies, this website showcases Nigerians in different locations around the world. They also organize group tours to beautiful cities around the world and I love their drive to helping Nigerians explore the most out of their Nigerian passport.

    Naija Nomads in Beirut

Other travelers/explorers I love include:

  • Naijagirlstraveltoo: Beautiful page, beautiful people.
  • Alexandra of Nappyhaired: Alex was a big help at Olumo rock; I enjoy her Instagram feed/stories and watching her vlogs. Check out this one she did about her trip to Olumo rock.

Yep, that’s my official introductory travel post and I hope to continue this series. Please be sure to comment if your favourite Nigerian travel blogger/blog/resource isn’t listed here.

Speaking of, (Shameless plug coming through), the Bourgie Life tour calendar for the rest of the year is out already and people have already started booking their slots.


Take a look and send a message to either of these IG pages and you’ll get a response – @djadesola | @thebourgielife | @bourgietravel


5 thoughts on “Half-Year Round up: Nigerian Travel Blogs/Pages I Binge on

  1. I love this series; some of my favorite explorer so are here.
    Thanks for the mention dear and I look forward to more adventures with your travel company 🤗💛


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