Wow! it feels so, so good to have ended the month of June on a very high note. Not like I started with a low points or something but I am just glad I found something that I did not even know I needed.

Over the last 30 days, I gladly participated in the Nathaniel Bassey #HallelujahChallenge on Instagram Live and I watched it grow from strength to strength. To think that some were criticizing the entire revival was totally baffling to me. There we were, worshiping with our hearts and someone even went as far as thinking it was a competition against Ramadan. I was so glad to see that that school of thought was shut down fast. 

God is so good and he wants us to be as close to him as possible. Imagine a life where, you do not make ANY decision without the Holy Spirit giving you the go-ahead even on the “littlelest things”. That is exactly what he wants and that is THE only way you can make Heaven.

I learnt a number of things though, apart from Praying and Asking God for things in my life. I really learnt from Pastor Nath’s life and his friends as well. I’ll try to summarize what I saw that has sort of inspired me to be better, to do better.


Pastor Nath told us to have a Dream Book as it is something that has helped his journey with God as he can also point out specific things that he wants God to do in his life. He started it years ago and he even had some of his pastors and mentors pray on the book . Since he did that, he has been recording various testimonies.

LESSON LEARNT: Be specific about your goals so that you can be able to measure your success in some type of way. When God was creating the earth, I believe he knew what the earth was going to look before he said the words and so what he said was a physical manifestation of what he had pictured in his mind. You need to write out everything you want to achieve and be as specific as possible.

For the few times, he was unavailable, he had this young lady called Victoria Orenze lead us in worship and my God, that lady is on fire for Jesus Christ! I downloaded and listened to her song ‘On Fire’ and it is Spirit-filled. That lady is unashamed of the Gospel. My favourite line in the song is “When they say me, they see Jesus”. I am just led to pray every time it comes on.

LESSON LEARNT: I do not want to live a life that does not please God and draw men for him. I am even sad it took this long for a much needed revival but I detect that is the devil’s way of detracting me from what is to come. Be on Fire for God!

Then again, Pastor Nath is surrounded by people who are crazy for God and not afraid to let the world know it. Is it Mairo Ese, Chingtok, Olumide Iyun, Ayo Thompson, Olive Emordi, his wife Victoria Bassey? All those people ehn, were not afraid to share their faith and be used by God to draw men to him in spite of criticisms. What do you expect when you yourself you are using the Holy Spirit to screen your friends.

LESSON LEARNT: Serving God is Sweet and having Godly friends is one of the best ways to enjoy this. Whenever you are slacking or feeling down, imagine you have someone expressing the mind of God for you, it is wonderful! It’s amazing to know that all my friends, in spite of their busy schedules are still making sure their relationship with God is not suffering.


I am sure I will still reference June 2017 in my life and so there will be more lessons to come.

P.S You can download the Olowogbogboro anthem here. Contrary to the critics belief, is is free and very edifying.

Stay blessed and accountable!



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