I promised my friend, Cynthia that I was going to write something about Gratitude, I just didn’t know it would take this long. Blame that on too many activities.

This post right here was born out of the things that have happened to me over the past months. Ranging from health, family to gadgets, I know I have a lot of things to thank my Lord Jesus Christ for. 

I’ll start with Clarity. For a while now, this has been a major prayer point for me in my walk with God. Whenever I was told to ask Jesus Christ for just one thing, I’ll always ask for ‘Clarity of Purpose’, simply because I am a multi talented person and there are so many outlets to unleash my creativity so I needed to know the ones that mattered to me. I am Grateful because the Holy Spirit has helped me to know what exactly it is I need to do and taken away those things/people that are only there to take advantage of my creativity.

This brings me to my Creativity! I know they say it’s not good to blow your horn but I have recently learned that “If you do not tell your story, no-one else will do that for you” and so here I am. I am Grateful to my Lord Jesus that, ideas come to me without serious thought and I was very open to sharing those ideas for free. Unfortunately, that went along with the first quarter of the year. If you need someone to brain storm with and you think of me, you must at least buy me lunch (if we are friends) or book a consultancy session with me.

Then Opportunities! If you know me very well, or just random knowing, you’ll know that I can stay awake trying to finish an online course or read a book or something sha. I like opportunities to create knowledge and change and I am grateful that I have found such. In the last quarter, I attended Conferences, workshops, Gatherings, festivals etc that have connected me to people with like minds and have shown me that there’s more to life than, you know, being stuck in an office with bad plumbing. I want to recreate some of what I have learnt but in a different way. If I reach out to you in the next couple of months, please be responsive.

Being more Confident in my decisions, is another thing I’m grateful for. I have had to make some strategic career decisions that have cost me money, time and lots more but because I have an idea of what Jesus Christ is set to do in my life, I was bold enough to take on some of them. Unconventional, unwise, unsafe, these are some of the words you might use to describe me but thanks to God, I’m making a headway. Soon, it will be more apparent.

I plan to do posts like this more often and I even have videos of some of the places I have been to in the last few months. Please let me know if you want to see them and more importantly, what you are grateful for.

Till next time,


N. B. I’m sure you noticed that I said I am grateful to Jesus Christ a number of times. I don’t want people to confuse the fact that I serve the only YHWH aka Yahweh. When you say God, some might be thinking we all serve the same God but I have pointedly put it out there. It’s the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who gave us his only Living Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose on third day and later on sent His Holy Spirit to be a Comforter, Guide and Friend.

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11 thoughts on “Rain Drops, Pop Tarts… What are you Grateful for? 

  1. This is a refreshing and interesting write-up. I believe recounting what God has done in one’s life is key to replicating His goodness in your life. A woman I respect so much Elizabeth Ayodele said “If you are not thankful you will be a great fool”. I see wisdom in this. Keep shining. Being Thankful makes your tank Full. You have not even begun mama.

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  2. Count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done. I’m grateful for your life and on your behalf. God is set to do more. I love love this post!


  3. It’s obvious I didn’t proofread my last comment because I relied too much on autocorrect. Thank God for the ability to spell otherwise I would have been disgraced “very insightful piece! Be grateful also for the setbacks because they help to stage a comeback. Well done my hitta!!!”


  4. I love LOVE this post. I’m grateful for life, grateful to God that I see the beginning of each day and the end of each day. I’m grateful for family too, awesome, magnificent, adorable parents – the best ever!!!!….Thank you, Jadesola, for this. Got me thinking about the much I have to be grateful for.


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