The rains are here!

Yes I know some might not be so happy with that news but we’re here to look on the bright side. Okay let’s start with the not so bright side.

You have to have an umbrella/shower cap/raincoat handy as it can start pouring anytime. This is where I advise you as a woman, to make sure you have some form of protection against the weather conditions. At least have a portable umbrella in your bag.

If you live in an area like mine, you have to be ready to wear rubber slippers/sandals on your way out. Else, you will not easily rinse off the mud that would have accumulated your legs/slippers or even your clothes.

Staying out late when you don’t have a car + rainy season will frustrate you. When I talk about staying out late, I do not necessarily mean staying out till 10,11,12,1. Where I live, sometimes 8 o’clock is considered late and for someone like me that gets home around 11, getting home is a job in itself. It’s typical to see that once it rains in  most places, there won’t be buses or bikes to take you home. 

I could go on and on listing the things I do not like about the rainy season but one thing that trumps it all is the fact that *inserts elongated, dramatic drumroll*


As much as I love roasted plantain aka Boli (my classmates know me for this), roasted corn and pear or boiled corn and coconut will forever have my heart! My one year sojourn in Cross River State made sure of that.

chop streets

Coming back home last night, I was drenched to my teeth and I was really, really sad. I forgot my umbrella at home and so during the time I was hustling to get on a bus home, I got soaking wet. I was sad until I remembered that my power combinations were coming back. I just smiled and bore the darkness seemed to clear up a bit.

Now, do I wish we could have corn all year round? Definitely! Here’s where my Non-Nigerian readers would be wondering why that is not possible. It’s simply because we have inadequate preservation methods available so fruits like African Star Apple (Agbalumo, Udara) Mango, Avocado and Vegetables like Corn and Pear are only available for a limited period of time during the year.

Here’s to plundering the markets and finding our own #CornBae!


Please drop a comment on what you like or do not like about the rainy season in the comment section below. 

Till next time! 

Photo Credits: Osuareng | Cyan_concepts | Chopstreets


2 thoughts on “My Love for the Rainy Season in Nigeria

  1. The combo of corn, pear, and coconut can’t be underestimated! That is a balanced diet, for real.
    I actually love the rainy season if I am permitted to just stay at home – which is impossible! There is just warmness that comes with the weather, this ”feel good” feeling. You get what I mean?

    Oréoluwa’s blog

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    1. Seriously, I’m one of those that think there should be holidays when it rains… I’m like “Can’t you see it’s raining? Can’t I just go back home to sleep?” 😂😂😂

      I can’t wait for the corn, Pear, coconut and boiled groundnut to come out. I live for that period!

      Thanks for dropping a comment… I really appreciate it.

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