What a Time to Be Alive!

The Year is ending and there is so much left undone. Your goals, your plans, your dreams, your aspirations, all that, just there. Where did the time go?

You watched everytime as each person started out on their dream or goal. Although, you were happy for them, you still asked yourself, When will it be my turn?

If you are like me, you are scared of what the new year might bring for you and you don’t even want to write any New Year Resolution/Prayer point so you don’t get disappointed. What if it doesn’t get answered?

Your friends/pastor/family say you should write it anyway and that help comes from above and not from any manually  you’re thinking is How is that even possible?

Valid Questions… Very valid but there’s just one I’ll like to ask myself and everyone listening to me – Why not trust God and the Process?

Yes I know it is easier said than done – Your ideas are still in your book, You’re still in the country, You’re not in your husband’s house, Your children are not with you, You didn’t  get the contract you prayed for and so on and so forth and you’re still holding on to God but what about the Process?

One of the things I have learnt from watching some of those Satisfying videos on Instagram is that the process makes the Result worthwhile. Whether it’s how Glass objects are formed, or how cakes/complex dishes are made, I have learnt that it is not the end that justifies the Means but rather the Means Glorifies the End.

Our Father in Heaven is so Good and Faithful is he who has promised us. I can assure you, Some of the things you go through only help make your stories and testimonies sweeter. Think of it, you won’t have to exaggerate what you’ve gone through to win a soul to Christ. Just you and your Testimony of God’s Grace all through the Process will do the work of Salvation.

Don’t be downcast, take a Shower, Look good, Prepare to usher in the New Year with God’s Presence but most importantly be Prepared to dwell in God’s Presence all through the Year 2017 and I can assure you, we’ll have testimonies in the coming year.


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