I wish I could write her name the way I pronounce it but it can’t even be spelt. Think of it as a slur of Sister and Dolapo.

It’s her birthday today and I’ve decided to take a cue from my friend and one of my favourite bloggers Grace Ogunleye of graysbibishotit. She celebrates her friends on their birthday and you can tell how amazing her friends really are.

Today, December 12th, 2016 is my Eldest sister Dolapo Odujole‘s 30th birthday! Whoop, Whoop. Instead of posting her photos on Facebook and calling it a day. I thought, why not just write something instead.

She doesn’t look a day over 25 and I can tell you she is THE most talented makeup artist out there (your favourite makeup artist is still learning where she is).

I’ll give you 3 reasons why I love her apart from the obvious fact that she is my sister.

  1. Her mind is like a factory, constantly churning out ideas that are sure to bring forth wonderful results. Once she dreams up an idea, she runs with it until she sees it through. I can’t wait till we announce our next phase, so excited.dolapo-odujole-musings-of-a-jaded-girl 002
  2. She is a softie even though she tries to form hard core. Those that work with her and around her will testify of her beautiful spirit. It’s sad that some people take advantage of it, but it won’t stop her shine (Side eyes to those owing us money, your time will come).
  3. She loves God. ‘Madam Celebrate You’ is what we call her in the house because she attends Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) Abuja. Seeing her and all of God’s blessings in her life just proves to me that your walk with God is really personal and indeed you get what you put into your walk with him.dolapo-odujole-musings-of-a-jaded-girl 003

This list won’t be complete if I don’t say those things that annoy me too. Chai.

  1. She likes  loves Coke and she doesn’t understand when I say I don’t care much for it.
  2. She likes money ehn! Igbo geh, that’s what we call her because that’s what she could have been in another life.dolapo-odujole-musings-of-a-jaded-girl
  3. This one I’m just adding because I want to make the list complete. I’m supposed to be the Baby sister yeah, but today I’ve had to practically spoon feed her. Hian. Don’t take my place Sha!dolapo-odujole-musings-of-a-jaded-girl 001

This is my birthday message to my sister Dolapo aka Dolly aka Bellezza aka Miss Pretty Ink aka Omo Mama Dolapo. I love you big sis and I’m glad that you’re my sister.

If you want to see all the photos from the lovely shoot, head over to Thebourgielife and be sure to drop a comment and say a prayer for her.
Photo Credits:
Celebrant – Pretty Ink Signature (Prettyinksignature)
Makeup – Jide of St Ola – jideofstola
Location- Spring Interiors Limited, Wuse 2 –@springinteriorsltd, @officialspringinteriorsltd
Photographer – AdemolaOlaniran – @ademolaniran

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