So I was pretty stumped on what to title this post but just know that “I am sorry for not posting was top of the list”.

For those who know me personally, you would understand there has been a LOT of changes in my life in the past few weeks – my new job, my recent waka (wait till you see my #JadedGirlsViewonLuton, I haven’t quite decided on the hash tag yet) – but here I am.

On this welcome back post, I decided to speak on my views on a video for a song that I wasn’t so keen on till I saw the video, scratch that. I loved the song from the first beat! It’s Niniola’s Soke, you can check out my first review here.

Why do I like the video?

You know how music videos always show them spending money after hitting one jackpot, or growing up poor and having no money, Niniola left all that behind and went straight up realistic.

The video has a young girl -Niniola and her man almost spending all their money after winning the lottery. If it were not for her foresight and plan, they would have spent all their money keeping up with the Joneses which is one thing I try not to do.

Niniola started out as a project fame contestant and although she didn’t win, I can say she is doing pretty well for herself.

Let me know what you think… Feminist or not, I think it’s a great lesson for all!


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