There’s that time of the night
When those from the other world
Are believed to crawl the earth
And be at their best.

Those otherworldly beings
Who bring the chills
Down our spine

This is not a tale about them

This does not also speak of
Annabelle the killer doll
Chucky the body hacker
or Mr Bones and his sick hobby

The Ouija board doesn’t even take center stage here

This is about a squad – #SQUADGoals
And what I’d do for mine
This is about my friends
And what they’d do for me

I was once heard someone say
Why should I buy someone’s wedding Aso Ebi
When I can’t call them at 2am
To help fix the fix I’m in
Or talk me out of the dry spell I cast

In my musings I’ve also thought
“What if I planned to break a bank?”
Who are my would-be accomplices?
Who are those who would carry the secret to their grave?

It was quite easy for me
To pick those who would take up their brooms
And ride with me
At my witching hour
My ride-or-die #SQUAD

My friend’s witching hour came upon us last night
Although we had not spoken in a while
I was happy to help
So happy that
If she asked me again
I’d do it in a heartbeat

When you say #Squad
What do you really mean?
Red cups and hookah?
Snapchat views?
Clothe “stealers”?

It’s my witching hour again
So I spent it writing this
So you can figure out
The numbers on your speed-dial
And who you want with you
When you’re at your lowest


Don’t be a stranger, drop a comment…

Jaded Girl



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