So January came and went… Contrary to most people’s beliefs, I actually think it didn’t stay long enough. In January alone I was able to set the tone of my relationships with both God and Man. Plenty lessons learnt there but I’ll leave that for another blog post.

I recently discovered Yoga and it is much more relaxing than I thought. Contrary to some opinions and myths about it, it’s actually pretty cool. My muscles are so toned.

You probably used to think,

  • Yoga is a religion: It is not a religion and does not judge religions. Because I do it after reading the bible, I use it as a time to reflect on my verse for the day. So I’d advise that.
  • Yoga is for only flexible people: Although I can bend over backwards in the weirdest way, yoga is not only for the flexible. Yoga requires a combination of strength, balance, and flexibility and each person has at least one of these in their favor and you can use that to help you improve the other areas of your practice.
  • Yoga is for only thin people (again I fall in this category): It can help you attain a healthier weight or allow you to love and accept yourself as you are. All that mediatation is bound to sink in.
  • Yoga is expensive: In this age of Youtube where you can learn everything and anything (prove me right, type in why did the chicken cross the road)? There are so many free online groups you can join. All you need is stable internet, commitment and a yoga mat.

For those who actually need voice coaching lessons i.e. artistes, presenters, public speakers etc. it actually helps control breathing. So you don’t have that problem of releasing your spit breathe on the microphone. By the time you learn to hold your breathe in the most awkward positions, you’d be a pro even on radio. (See what I did there)

I didn’t get to take pictures while doing yoga but baby Bro is coming home so he should be able to help out in that area.

Here’s the video I used for my baby Yoga steps. Adrienne seems like a pro in Yoga, she has over 1 million subscribers on her Youtube channel and she makes it seem so easy.

Watch her video for beginners here:

So my fellow yogis, I’d love to hear from you as we work out this journey together. Drop a comment, share this post… anything!!!


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