“You never know the impact your words make until you shut up” – Jadesola Odujole

Happy New Year Guys… It’s been a long,long while since I’ve published something I wrote from my heart. The cobwebs in my musings folder can be used to spin clothes for a whole city!!!

I really can’t give any reason for not publishing my thoughts but I can at least say why I decided to pick my pen up again.

I used to think I was just writing to fill space and kill time but boy was I wrong. I didn’t know that people were avidly reading and wanting to hear my thoughts on even the most mundane things and that’s what inspired the opening quote.

It’s been a moulding period for me, I mean I learnt to use WordPress better so expect less mishaps from me this time. I’d try to stick to a schedule that works so we can both look forward to something new on musings of a jaded girl.

I intend to live 2016 in the most intentional and purposeful way, God helping me and hopefully we’ll take that decision together.

Till my next post, don’t forget to share, comment and subscribe to this space.


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