When it’s all been said and done
all been said and done
who says well done?
The lives you’ve hurt
that are finally free
to live and be
someone else
not left
shattered and broken
by the darts and stones
you’ve thrown
that have left bones
both seen and unseen

they say,
speak no ill about
the dead,
but, will you
be an exception,
Not one good word
can be said about you,
not one good deed,
you’re the Scrooge
that refused
to change
before the last strike
of the grandfather clock

you might not be
a service chief
caught in the spotlight
with a well-known
to rid the nation’s menace
but you’re a chief
who should be active
in service
not seeking the spotlight,
yet saving,
and changing lives.

None wants to die young
yet it does happen,
folks are left forlorn
of how they’ll cope
without you
Will it
be easy for them to believe
you’re floating with wings and grace
and watching over them
in heaven
because your earthly life
was Heaven on Earth?
Will it
make them ponder
and wish you had more time
to undo your wrongs
and live a better life
a God-filled life…

That’s something
we don’t ever get
More time…
live right
and don’t just be
one more…
This was inspired and written in memory of someone i never knew, but his eulogies ring so true in my heart. No bad words about him… Let’s us also take time out to remember the Ebola victims. This time last year we were going purchasing for Sanitizers and what-not. For some it was the Salt and Bitter Kola that got them…



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