I got these new shoes which are really perfect for the rainy season. You can’t tell just by looking that they are actually rubber shoes. They even have a veneer of velvet which makes it look cooler. I know it would wear off eventually but I’d rock it while it lasts.

Some of us are like my rubber shoes. Yes, all beautiful/handsome on the outside complete with the right assets (y’all know what I mean). Some even have elaborate attitudes/ mannerisms so much so that when they step into a room, you just have to notice them.

Oh well.

“There is a right time for everything… a time for keeping; a time for throwing away” Eccl 3:1, 6b The Living Bible®

Word! That’s exactly what the Good Book says.

The sprayed on velvet on my shoes would eventually wear off and everyone would get to see just how ugly the rubber underneath really is. Then it would be good for only one thing – Throwing away!

If your beauty serves as a fondant for a spoiling cake, you’d be found out eventually. Once those good attitudes are not inherent, they would wear off someday. Everyone and I mean everyone, would see the extent of your rottenness and by then you will be as useful as my ugly rubber shoes.

The shoes might be used to stoke a fire or someone who doesn’t know about the previous beautiful state might pick it up to use but you, no hope for you when your beauty fades. You’d be so useless and your name would be synonymous with rotten, decay, corrupt and the list goes on…

Be beautiful both inside and outside… Sprayed on characters never last.


7 thoughts on “SPRAYED ON GOODNESS

  1. True word jade, people always guage their happiness in relation to how other people perceive them.

    Easy as it may be to tow that line the results are that you end up living your life for others and not really understanding true happiness.

    I believe you first have to know yourself and then create the beautiful you which is the true beauty of a calm spirit that God gives.

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  2. Very true. It’s best to just be yourself. Leave others to adjust themselves to your standard…. That way you remain relevantly different and with time a classic in your own right.

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  3. Sprayed on goodness, but you bought it anyway,because it looks good. You could have bought rubber clogs, they are very good for the season,but no, they are very ugly.
    Talking of inherent, only outer beauty is. It is natural. Inner beauty, well that can be learned, unlearned and relearned. Nobody is born with inner beauty- Personality, attitude, and manners are limited to exposure- you weren’t so cool, when all you listened to was Baba Fryo, Daddy Showkey and Tope alabi.
    People judge people instantaneously and most of it is based on appearance, and thats okay, its hypocritical to say otherwise. We are animals after all, peafowls prefer peacocks with more spotted eyes on covert tail feathers. Its part of evolution, its life. Unlike peacocks, we can help ourselves, if you re ugly use make up, go for plastic surgery, Spray on the goodness, and when you run out, its okay to cry about it. You just ran out of goodness damn it.

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    1. Its not alright to spray on goodness… Especially when its not physical.
      Yes, we judge based on appearance but that’s not enough to keep you focused on whatever caught your attention.
      Character matters, attitude matters, personality matters and not physical attributes…


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