“How has been your day?”

This irritates me every time I hear someone say that. It’s like a tick in my ear which gets even worse when it’s someone I’m close to; you don’t get to hear the last of it. Before we go further, the correct order of that phrase is “How has your day being so far?” or “How was your day?”

Hey, I’m no grammarian or linguist but saying “I wish you Mercy Journey” is, simply put, not right. What happened to the normal “I wish you journey mercies” that we grew up to know? I’m scared of the rapid decline of proper use of the English Language. Na wa o!!!

Then again, when you say, “let’s be upstanding” because you want me on my feet, I assume you’re advising to be a honest and respectable person. You should just stick to saying “let’s be on our feet” or “shall we rise?” That sounds much better and it actually IS the correct thing.


That’s what I feel right now. Having said all these, I’d try to (not everytime o!) introduce new words and then we’d see if we can make it a weekly thing. The dictionary is one of my favorite books and I don’t mind reading it from cover-to-cover in search of random words. That doesn’t mean you should be the Hon. Patrick in your group conversations. You know what I’m saying.

Sangoma: noun (in southern Africa) a witch doctor.

Jaded adj. Made callous or cynically insensitive by experience.

Camaraderie n. mutual trust and friendship.

Inflect v. to vary the intonation or pitch of (the voice), especially to express mood or feeling.

Prudish adj. easily offended or shocked by matters relating to sex or nudity.

Nous n.

  • British informal practical intelligence.
  • Philosophy the mind or intellect.

Obsessive–compulsive adj. a disorder in which a person feels compelled to perform certain actions repeatedly to alleviate persistent fears or intrusive thoughts.

Out stare v. stare at (someone) for longer than they can stare back.

Some of these words are new to some of us while some are not but then… I never knew “nous” existed in both French and English languages. Becca, the last one is for you!!!

I appreciate your reactions and feedback so far; thank you so much as YOU are making this blogging thing seem so easy. Please feel free to share this post and drop your comments especially those on the common blunders made to our dear, dear Queen’s English.

Yours sincerely,
Spineless Blogger.


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