Falling hard…

I used to think I was stronger than most. In fact, I thought I was too strong to be blown by rumours of good deals. I just took all of them as too-good-to-be-true.

I was wrong. Whoever started the whole thing, kudos to you! I’m even still too shy to say what I fell for. I think it’s now safe to modify proverbs sef, “The love of awoof is the root of all evil”.  That’s my own version.

One of my BBM contacts sent me a Broadcast message last week concerning the whole KONGA FREE AIRTIME deal. As a sharp geh that I am, within seconds of receiving the message for the supposed Konga freebie (s/o to Hayub for sending it to me), I had clicked on the link, registered and started aggressive campaigns for my contacts to register my name to help me “stand more chances of winning free airtime from Konga.

I waited. And waited.

I didn’t want to blame my friends so I started using my family members’ numbers. I used everyone’s number except my brother’s. I wasn’t too sure if he knew about the deal.

Still no credit.

I then decided to try my alternative numbers.

Not even a beep.

Hopeful me then switched off my data thinking I had covered my bases and all that was left was the text message. My disappointment could not be quantified.

The first person to give me the news was my friend, Debbie. I thought she was just trying to spoil my hustle because we were both trying. It wasn’t until Miss Kandie sent me the picture! I was weak to my kidneys.

No water in the well sef...
No water in the well sef…

Dreams of airtime shattered!!!

Next time, I would just remain on my lane jeje. I’m still reeling from this fall. Konga can like to compensate me sha.

I am still waiting.


19 thoughts on “Falling hard…

  1. Omg…you know what I always say about things like this? If something is too good to be true,it probably is.sorry you had to find out like this.As a tweep,you should have checked their handle na! Haba


  2. Lolz, I got the text too, but I just don’t know what made me hesitate before doing that, not that I use to take such things serious before, but the way they were advertising it I was almost willing to give it a benefit of doubt but thankfully I saw a disclaimer online by Konga.


  3. Received the same message from three WhatsApp contacts of mine. Asked them if they’d indeed received the airtime but when I received no reply, I suspected it was one of those scams that make people drive traffic to targeted websites. Pele Jaded, keep waiting…
    Nice write-up anyways.


  4. See your life outside 😋… That’s your wahala. In other happier happenings, my name (nickname) appeared on your blog! Yaaaaaay💃


  5. Got a link two days ago about Tesco giving £2500 shopping voucher for opening a new store.i sharply checked Tesco and didn’t see anything of sort.Two weeks back,it was on the news that Tesco declared a loss in the last FY. Are the they’ll same ones to ‘dash’ 70 pple vouchers? My sister,awoofness is not good.If something is too good to be true,it probably is…you can quote me on that

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      1. lol..it’s not a bad thing to try new things online, but scammers are just so many, one gets discouraged, you might ignore one and it will turn out to be real….but still I love this write up.


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