Who is She to me?

Being my first post (and I’m glad you took out time to read it), I just decided to let you have a glimpse into who the 22-year old lady behind the blog really is.

  • I love God. Like a lot. I exist only to please Him. He alone makes it possible to write my “I’s” because without Him, “I” am nothing.
  • The Odujole’s are my backbone. The entire crew – Mummy, Daddy, Sis Dolapo, Sis Yinka and my baby bro Oluwadamilare – are awesome! We have our moments but then, you can’t sit with us.
  • I am a graduate of Industrial Chemistry at the Bestest University (permit me, please), The University of Ibadan.
  • I am loyal to a fault, some people take it for granted but I am no Dual-Sim phone, I don’t switch sides.
  • I don’t think I believe in the Happily-Ever-After kind of love. It scares me to death. “People hurt people”.
  • I have never been in love.
  • I love making lists. This stems from my love for writing and scribbling my thoughts. It sorta gives me a sense of purpose.
  • I am contented and happy with little things- blowing bubbles, getting tickled, seeing infinite reflections of myself in many mirrors – I’m in Ninth heaven.
  • I loooovee being small!!! Partially because I get to steal Sis Yinka’s clothes but mainly because short girls rock!
  • I cannot make a choice between listening to good music and reading a good book so most times I combine. Do not ask how I do it but it is a very very good blend.
  • I cannot stand body/mouth odour and even those who do not have a lasting nasal impression.
  • My favorite color is teal and I cannot stand primary colors.
  • I am a prospective Apple® junkie. For those confused on what gift to give me, an iPad®, iPhone®, iPod® or a Macbook Pro® would be a really good idea.
  • I am very, very adventurous. Bungee-jumping is high up on my bucket list.
  • I love everything food – cooking, tasting, eating… name it, I’m a food loooveeerrrr!!!
  • My greatest fear is dying without making impact. Oblivion is not my goal.
  • I am bugged by little creatures – lizards, rats etc.
  • I looovveee babies. Their innocence intrigues me and makes me wish I could go back to that time, when all that worried me was nothing.
  • I say what I think just that most times, I say it in my head. Sometimes, I have full conversations in my head and that is why I hate physical confrontations.
  • I am passionate about politics even though I pretend not to because I like people assuming I am naïve.
  • I am a Grace junkie!

15 thoughts on “Who is She to me?

  1. I can testify to some of these confessions….as for the others….my lips are sealed😉. Way to go baby! Congrats my dear.


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